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Van Niekerk & Krupp factory (1950)

Van Niekerk & Krupp factory (1950)

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Piket Implements (Pty.) Ltd. is one of the oldest registered trade names in South Africa. Now also the registration name of the company from 2018. Piket Implements originated from the company: Van Niekerk & Krupp. Van Niekerk & Krupp was established 90 years ago in 1933 by Hennie van Niekerk & Sam Krupp. Currently; still a family business; owned by Hennie’s son: Mr. Carel (Snr) van Niekerk & his two sons: Rossouw & Carel (Jnr.) van Niekerk. The company is now being run by the 3rd generation Van Niekerks.

This was the first company in South Africa to import Case tractors and at a later stage, Clayson poachers and Zetor tractors.

Piket Implements (Pty.) Ltd. focuses on the manufacturing of Piket™ Implements.

The company draws its attention to the latest technology standards in developing a wide range of high quality agricultural machinery and implements. Piket Implements is a well known international brand name in South-Africa as well as Sub-Saharan Africa.

A wide range of designs have made their appearance over the past years. Piket Implements is also known for its no tillage, fine seed and wheat planters. Some of the standard products which the company has been manufacturing over the past years are: air seeders, tine planters, disc planters, conventional & economy maize planters, vineyard cover crop planters, transfer carts, no till drills, vides, concaves, horse arena rollers, wood log saws and log splitters, as well as damscoops which have a unique ability to hook a second damscoop behind the first one in tandem.

Another characteristic of Piket Implements is the manufacturing of Piket™ Seed Meters which can be calibrated quickly and easily to ensure accurate planting, enabling greater germination results.

Piket Implements is a dynamic company which concentrates on the development and improvement of agricultural machinery, built in close cooperation from farmers in order to fulfil farming expectations.

Piket Implements is a family business

Piket Implements is a family business, from left to right: Rossouw (Son), Carel (Snr.) (Father), Carel (Jnr.)(Son) van NIekerk

Original Piket ™ Trademark. Piket is one of the oldest registered trademarks in South Africa

The original Piket workshop

The original workshop

Damscoop manufacturing

Piket was especially known for damscoop manufacturing

Piket Disc Planter with the original logo mounted on planter

Piket disc planter with harrows

First importer of Case tractors

Van Niekerk & Krupp was the first importer of Case tractors. The main office was called Landbouhuis (Piketberg)

Van Niekerk family photo

Van Niekerk family photo – From left: Aldert (Son – deceased), Hennie (Father – deceased), Henna (Mother – deceased) & Carel (Snr.) 2nd generation Van Niekerk running business (Son)